4ch Cctv Dvr System Hdmi Hd 1200tvl Night Vision Analog Surveillance Camera Kit Security

4ch Cctv Dvr System Hdmi Hd 1200tvl Night Vision Analog Surveillance Camera Kit Cctv Security Camera
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1200tvl Cameras For Excellent Video Quality & Clarity

Views & Records In Widescreen With Remote Viewing On IPad/iPhone & Android Devices Via The Amcrest Link App

IR LEDs that automatically activate when they detect low lighting conditions.They can see up to 20 meters (about 65 feet) away, make sure to take advantage of Motion Detection and Scheduled recordings in conjunction with Night Vision to have complete control over the protection of all that you care about

Weatherproof (ip66) For Indoor/outdoor Use, 984ft Transmission Distance From Camera (not Included) To Dvr

Visible cameras deter criminal activities and let you observe customers and employees in recorded footage or real time.

Amazing Hi-Res Video @ 30fps Realtime

The 960H video security standard provides widescreen high definition using advanced image sensors that allow for 34 percent increased resolution over \'D1\' traditional CCTV systems. This DVR system can handle the incredible density of detail provided by 1200+ TVL and goes one step further with fully uncompressed signal transmission, eliminating latency to deliver truly realtime feeds with a crisp hi-res image unequaled by any other TVL platform.

Easy Setup With Backwards Compatibility

The cameras connect point-to-point directly to the DVR for painless, non-complex \'plug and play\' setup. The 960H DVR functions as a single control hub for all cameras, which also makes them simpler to secure. Since our systems are backwards-compatible with predecessor technologies that use coaxial connections, the upgrade to 960H is easier and more practical: all you need to do is switch out the camera units and DVR and keep the same coaxial cabling that was there before.

Day and Night Surveillance

Our 1200+ TVL IP66 heavy-duty metal bullet and dome cameras feature a 3.6 millimeter lens and wide 75° viewing angle, along with 24 high-intensity IR-LEDs for night vision with exceptional clarity at distances up to 65 feet. The cameras\' infrared mode is automatically activated in low lighting conditions, and with this system\'s uncompressed signal transmission, which delivers realtime, highly reliable video security without loss or delay, any intruder unfortunate enough to cross paths with your 960H system will have their every move illuminated and captured in detail.

Motion Detection + Alerts

Use the DVR to customize motion detection exactly to your needs: set a perimeter zone, specify which areas of the camera\'s motion grid are active, and even set a 24x7 schedule for when the alert system is armed or disarmed. The motion sensor sensitivity can also be customized to prevent false alarms such as plants moving in a breeze. When a camera detects motion per your customized settings, it can activate multiple security responses including turning on the DVR\'s buzzer, sending an alert email, and triggering recording.

Remote Viewing On Your PC And Mobile Devices

Our new generation of security systems revolutionizes closed-circuit surveillance by making remote access a reality. All camera channels are HTTPS-encrypted and run on your network by using the DVR as a central hub. Access is therefore easier to guard than on IP-based systems whose cameras may act as points of entry. Also going beyond an internal UI, we created groundbreaking and beautifully designed interfaces for remotely managing or viewing your 960H system using common PC web browsers or your smartphone.

Ultra-Long Continuous Recording + Backup By USB

The HDD(not included) enables you to continuously and simultaneously record on all channels (four camera feeds) at the maximum 960H resolution for up to six days (= 144 hours). Or by utilizing space-saving lower resolutions and motion detection settings, you can continuously record for up to 30+ days before running out of storage space. In such an event the DVR can be set to automatically overwrite the oldest internally stored footage or you can transfer those video files by USB to a memory stick or external hard drive.

IP66 Heavy-Duty Metal Weatherproof Cameras Available.

All of our 960H systems come with heavy-duty metal IP66 cameras engineered to perform in severe environmental conditions. The IP66 rating is awarded for devices that have tested as completely airtight against dust and able to endure any kind of wind and rain. Each camera\'s excellent build quality is part of what guarantees the amazing reliability of our surveillance systems which stand at the forefront of private consumer security solutions.

See more and protect more 24/7 with weatherproof & Day Night cameras
Each with a 3.6mm lens and wide 75 Degree viewing angle.
Built in powerful IR-LEDS night vision.65ft Night Vision Automatically Activates When Low Light is Detected.

Web browser UI with Superb Design

The online interface provides secure, streamlined remote system access and control using an internet connection and common PC web browser (IE/Chrome/Firefox). Live View is fully functional and includes access to the Playback Interface, local settings, device settings, image controls, viewing modes, volume controls, and even options that control the CPU load to tailor the video stream to your computer\'s processing power. The web version of the Playback Interface has buttons for play, pause, stop, single frame forward, and taking snapshots along with options for downloading footage to your computer\'s hard drive. A separate Device Settings interface also gives you full remote control over the system, similar to the local DVR menus. Web accessibility for the Amcrest 960H is not merely a tacked-on afterthought: it is a fully integrated and feature-rich aspect of the 960H security system from the ground up which includes complete control over your device suite.

Intuitive System Controls

From one screen, Live View can display video channels together or individually with icons indicating the status of functions like motion detection and audio on each channel. A sleek toolbar lets you easily control playback, audio settings, pan/tilt/zoom (when PTZ cameras are connected), a robust variety of image parameters, and more. The DVR\'s Playback Interface can search footage by its date/time as well as by the specific recording type (e.g. manual, or triggered via motion detection, the scheduler, or an alarm event). Video controls include rewind, fast-forward, play, pause, and adjustable slow motion. The DVR\'s built-in Recording Scheduler uses a 24x7 calendar for each camera along with customizable triggers. The DVR even includes configurable smart security features: the alarm can be activated automatically in the event of disruptions to the system such as a loss of video, full HDD storage, hard drive errors, or disconnected network cables.

iOS/Android /PC

Remote Viewing On Your PC And Mobile Devices.

The free app XMeye VIEW can be viewed on Smartphone or tablet .With the ability to see all the cameras live from anywhere in the world.

The app also includes a Playback Interface so that locally recorded files can be instantly viewed on the phone: anytime, anywhere.

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